Sentinel onboards your clinic in hours

  • We train your staff to find and identify qualified patients through your electronic medical record 
  • Sentinel helps you enroll patients or we enroll remotely for you

Sentinel’s monitoring and communication reduces your care burden 

Sentinel shares actionable updates related to: 

  • Medication Refills Dose 
  • Adjustments Medication 
  • Adherence
  • Side effects
  • Only complex patients are triaged back to you for additional treatment and better care 
  • Sentinel provides billable notes designed for compliance and success
  • Sentinel can manage the billing directly too

We Remotely Enroll patients

Patient agrees to participate in remote care and receive Sentinel’s devices
Devices are shipped to the patient
Sentinel remotely onboard them with our secure technology

Achieved Clinical Results

Compared to the control group who received standard of care treatment, patients treated with Sentinel experienced the following outcomes:

Average systolic blood pressure reduction per patient, compared to an increase in blood pressure of 1-2mmHG in control group (natural progression of disease)

Number of patients who achieved blood pressure control

Average rate of symptom reduction per patient

Decrease in hospital readmissions in the entire patient population receiving treatment

Triages, Track, and Treat

Our cloud anomaly system detects dangerous deviations from baseline
Our Android and Apple mobile applications with clinical decision support dashboards helps you automate care

Caregiver Mode

  • Sentinel’s Caregiver Mode™ enables family members to participate in care. 
  • Sentinel was built with elderly patients at risk of stroke.
  • By having the whole family involved patients monitored will succeed and have better outcomes.